The Winter Garden Is Calling

The winter garden is here. All that it holds is alive and dynamic. It’s full of wonder, inspiration, possibilities, promise and hope about the garden and spring to come.
(Photo: ~Courtesy of Laura DePrado)

It’s January 2017. Happy New Year from my mobile office (the kitchen table), which looks out to the backyard and gardens I am watching the first snowfall and distracted and exhilarated by the view.

Large snowflakes are falling in every direction and landing perfectly blanketing everything in their path to create a white, puffy covering. Brilliant red, northern cardinals, and their mates and countless doves, robins, sparrows, nuthatches, feed on homemade suets in the garden. The red-bellied woodpecker pecks away at the bark of the plum tree while a northern cardinal sings and waits his turn at the bird feeder. Large sunflower seed shells fall from feeders as birds split them open and toss them to the ground.

If you listen you can hear “ping” as they land on the frozen snow — acapella nature’s way.

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