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Adult Day Center of Somerset County Celebrates Horticultural Therapy Week with Special Guests

American Horticultural Therapy Association Horticultural Therapist Laura DePrado, Final Touch Plantscaping leads a celebration of Horticultural Therapy Week with legislative leaders at the Adult Day Center of Somerset County.

Bridgewater, NJ, April 12, 2019 – The ADC celebrated Horticultural Therapy Week during its Horticultural Connections Workshop on March 19th. Special guests were: Constituent & Outreach Director Rachel Frisch and Dana Walter from Assemblyman Roy Freiman’s office (NJ District 16); Chief of Staff Crystal Pruitt from Assemblyman Andrew Zwicker’s office (NJ District 16); Dawn Higgins, Constituent Liaison from Senator Michael Doherty’s office (NJ District 23); Chief of Staff Dan Hirshberg, from Assemblyman John DiMaio’s office (District 23); Jack Otterbein, Otterbein Landscaping and President of New Jersey Nursery and Landscape Association; and Lori Jenssen, Executive Director, New Jersey Nursery and Landscape Association. All participated in activities presented by Laura DePrado of Final Touch Plantscaping LLC.


Horticultural Therapy Week WCTC 1450 AM podcast with Voice of Central NJ

Horticultural Therapist Laura DePrado from Final Touch Plantscaping sat down with Bert Baron of WCTC for his in-studio podcast during New Jersey Horticultural Therapy Week. 

Listen here and learn why Horticultural Therapy is so beneficial! 


Horticultural Therapy Week Grows Awareness Of People-Plant Connection

New Jersey is the first state, and the only state in the nation to designate the third full week in March “Horticultural Therapy Week” through Senate Joint Resolution Number 12 signed by Governor Chris Christie in 2015. (Photo: ~Courtesy of Final Touch Plantscaping)

Horticulture Therapy Week is Next Week! – Laura Deprado’s latest article featured in talks about the “People-Plant Connection” and discusses the benefits and effectiveness of using Horticulture for therapy:

“Horticultural therapy provides an opportunity for people to experience meaningful contact with plants and the living soils that support life on earth. It has proven to be a time-tested activity with beneficial and therapeutic efficacy. It is widely used within a broad range of rehabilitative, vocational and community settings.”

You can view the full article here.

View and download the PDF

November’s garden offers cornucopia of plants for the senses

The November landscape is rich with materials for a cornucopia of projects in purposeful and meaningful activities in horticultural therapy.
(Photo: ~Courtesy of Laura DePrado)

Laura Deprado uses Gardening for Therapy to help people across New Jersey. Laura is a Horticultural Therapist, and her article “November’s garden offers a cornucopia of plants for the senses” was recently featured in

November is here. We watch the colorful leaves fall from trees into piles on the ground to be raked laboriously to the curb or bagged for pick up. What remains of the woodland landscape are silhouettes of trees and shrubs with a color of evergreen trees that offer a view of green comfort.  (more…)

Interview with Bert Baron of WCTC

Bert Baron of WCTC interviews New Jersey Horticultural Therapist – Laura DePrado from Final Touch Plantscaping for his in-studio podcast.

Listen here and learn why Horticultural Therapy is so beneficial! 

Benefits of Gardening for those in Recovery

Carrier Clinic in Belle Mead has deployed a mobile cart therapeutic gardening program fresh with seasonal plants to engage the five senses of sight, sounds, taste, touch and smell.
(Photo: ~Courtesy of Carrier Clinic)

Gardening while in recovery, offers evidenced-based benefits for behavioral health. Laura DePrado developed a program using a therapeutic mobile cart to promote wellness and recovery at Carrier Clinic in NJ.

People have long realized that plants and gardens, and the very acts of gardening and growing produce countless healthful benefits for human beings.  (more…)

Center kicks off celebration of Adult Day Services Week

(Left to right) ADC Maria Lenzi shows off handmade bath salts with Laura DePrado of Final Touch Plantscaping.
(Photo: ~Courtesy of Adult Day Center of Somerset County)

Laura Deprado uses Horticultural Therapy to help people across New Jersey, at all ages and stages of life for physical, social, and psychological well being, and partners with many organizations in recognition of national, state and local days and weeks commemorating Theme awareness including especially during National Adult Day Services week.

The Adult Day Center (ADC) in Bridgewater kicked off its celebration of Adult Day Services Week on Tuesday, Sept. 11, with Horticultural Connections with Laura DePrado of Final Touch Plantscaping.  (more…)

As seasons change, it’s important to continue to connect with nature

With shorter days and changing temperatures upon us, we will spend less time connecting to nature and outdoor gardening activities. (Photo: ~Courtesy of Laura DePrado)

Horticultural Therapist, Laura Deprado and her article “Horticultural Therapy: As seasons change, it’s important to continue to connect with nature” was recently featured in

The end of summer is here. Blooming flowers are tired and looking like they have thrown in the trowel. Summer plants of annuals and perennials, withered, worn and fatigued, make way for the new harvest: A cornucopia of mums, pansies, and fall annuals and perennials taking to the field. 

We, the consumers, respond to the seasonal rhythms and cycles of plants, and plants in turn respond to our care. The cooler evenings are a reminder the harvest is here. We gather. We harvest. Our forefathers’ winter survival depended on the harvest for their survival. (more…)

A Planting We Will Grow

Looking for an engaging Adult Day Care activity? Our video “A Planting We Will Grow” demonstrates the benefits of Horticultural Therapy in an Adult Day Care environment.

Somerset County youth at risk grows more than plants

For the first time in its 45-year history, Middle Earth introduced Horticultural Therapy program in partnership with Horticultural Therapist Laura DePrado, president of Final Touch Plantscaping LLC, Branchburg.
(Photo: ~Courtesy of Middle Earth)

For the past 45 years, Middle Earth, a nonprofit agency serving at risk youths in Somerset County, has served almost 1,000 youths through 12 mentoring, education, employment readiness and college readiness programs.

For the first time this year, a horticultural therapy program sprouted through a new partnership with me, as horticultural therapist and president of Final Touch Plantscaping, of Branchburg. The horticultural therapy workshops in the Art House Initiative Program were made possible in part by funds from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts. A series of workshops took place at the Bound Brook Community Youth Center throughout May and June. Youth from Middle Earth’s Promise, Center, and Journeys programs participated. Promise is a probation-based program for youth. Center is open to all Somerset County youth ages 12 to 18, and Journeys is a program for youth who need more intensive life skills and mentoring.


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