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Planting Seeds of Life: Oldwick resident given citation for doing plant therapy

Planting-Seeds-of-Life-August2015After her daughter died, 89-year-old Lorraine Galbraith of Oldwick, was left alone . . . With no family to care for her as her health waned, Whittlesey searched for a way to get her “stimulated” and more involved in society, with everything from arts and crafts to musical activities. Eventually, Right at Home Care, Galbraith’s caregivers, suggested horticultural therapy, which uses gardening and planting related activities to help better the lives of patients. Whittlesey contacted Laura DePrado, president of Final Touch Landscaping and a registered horticultural therapist with the American Horticultural Therapy Association (AHTA), to work with Galbraith.


Retirement community becomes one with nature

Horticultural-Therapy-August2015MEDFORD – Imagine your retirement environment. Is there any part of that environment where nature is included? The Barton Arboretum and Nature Preserve of Medford Leas is a Continuing Care Retirement Community offering residential and healthcare services to older adults, on more than 200 acres of accessible public gardens.



Community Garden connects people, plants

Horticultural-Therapy-July2015Duke Farms opened a Community Garden to provide people with the opportunity to grow produce that is healthy for them in a way that is friendly to the environment. 

HILLSBOROUGH – If a Community Garden were a puzzle, the 462 “pieces” known as plots at Duke Farms would create a beautiful picture of 500 active gardeners, plants, horticultural therapy and nature growing, interacting, harvesting.



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