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Sensory Garden

A sensory garden of plants with colors, textures, shapes, and fragrances in a native, sustainable garden that invites safe participation and horticultural therapy programs and activities. Presented by AHTA Registered Horticultural Therapist Laura DePrado.

Center kicks off celebration of Adult Day Services Week

(Left to right) ADC Maria Lenzi shows off handmade bath salts with Laura DePrado of Final Touch Plantscaping.
(Photo: ~Courtesy of Adult Day Center of Somerset County)

Laura Deprado uses Horticultural Therapy to help people across New Jersey, at all ages and stages of life for physical, social, and psychological well being, and partners with many organizations in recognition of national, state and local days and weeks commemorating Theme awareness including especially during National Adult Day Services week.

The Adult Day Center (ADC) in Bridgewater kicked off its celebration of Adult Day Services Week on Tuesday, Sept. 11, with Horticultural Connections with Laura DePrado of Final Touch Plantscaping.  (more…)

As seasons change, it’s important to continue to connect with nature

With shorter days and changing temperatures upon us, we will spend less time connecting to nature and outdoor gardening activities. (Photo: ~Courtesy of Laura DePrado)

Horticultural Therapist, Laura Deprado and her article “Horticultural Therapy: As seasons change, it’s important to continue to connect with nature” was recently featured in

The end of summer is here. Blooming flowers are tired and looking like they have thrown in the trowel. Summer plants of annuals and perennials, withered, worn and fatigued, make way for the new harvest: A cornucopia of mums, pansies, and fall annuals and perennials taking to the field. 

We, the consumers, respond to the seasonal rhythms and cycles of plants, and plants in turn respond to our care. The cooler evenings are a reminder the harvest is here. We gather. We harvest. Our forefathers’ winter survival depended on the harvest for their survival. (more…)

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