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Horticultural Therapy: Caring for people and nature, a model of environmental stewardship

Many changes occur as a person ages, impacting a person’s physical, emotional and cognitive abilities, and social roles. Gardening can be used in a therapeutic way to address these issues and improve lives. (more…)

Edible Jersey – Swords to Plowshares

Edible Jersey features an article on Horticultural Therapy, including Laura DePrado’s work:

There are currently 441,820 war veterans who call New Jersey their home. Some of them served their country as far back as World War II, others as recently as Iraq. One of them is Matthew Smith, a 26-year-old combat engineer who spent a year each in Iraq and Afghanistan. Another is 72-year-old George Madosky, who describes himself as a “disabled Marine from the Vietnam era.” These gentlemen have yet to meet, but when they do they will find they have a great deal in common. For one, upon returning to civilian life, they were both drawn to the therapeutic benefits inherent in growing plants as a means of healing themselves—and others.

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