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“Thank you Laura for the work that you do with our common client. As we have been providing homecare services for her for a long time, we are in a position to see the dramatic change you have affected with her since beginning Horticultural Therapy over the months. She is so engaged with you and the activities you have developed to allow her to build her own ‘inside garden.’ Her environment is much brighter and she is more cheerful and more positive, these effects lasting long past your visits. Given that Lorraine is unable to leave her home, the work you have done to brighten her days and thereby her disposition cannot be measured – I believe she feels a ‘freedom’ that she cannot otherwise access.”
– Carl Kuebler, Owner, Right at Home

“I highly recommend Laura! Her ideas for my property are always creative and affordable. She is passionate about her work and cares about our needs and budget. She listens, she is practical, yet thorough and detail-oriented, well-educated, and always considers options. We hired Laura last year when she opened her business doors. She has been working for us ever since. In addition, Laura did some work for my daughter. The results were wonderful.”
– Dr. Ken, Bridgewater, NJ

“My great-grandmother had a saying….’flowers were made to be picked and given to friends’… Babci would be delighted.”
– Sean, NJ

“I’ve never met someone more passionate about plants and my interests in my own exterior spaces than Laura. I had several contractors come to my home to propose a solution that would fix a poorly designed walkway improperly installed by a previous owner. Laura listened to every concern and ran with the project. In a matter of weeks, she proposed a solution and walked me through the details. Every other contractor recommended that I rip out the existing walkway and start from scratch – a very expensive fix and something I did not want to do. Laura was the only one to think outside the box and propose a creative, beautiful, and affordable solution – adding a natural footpath to the existing walkway. Incredibly, she was able to seamlessly blend the two together and transformed my awkward front yard into a beautiful space. The end result was perfect and I couldn’t help but want more of Laura’s services.

We added landscape lighting, repaired the stone walls that were falling apart and resurfaced the driveway. As a finishing touch, she transformed my entranceway and driveway with gorgeous plantscaping. I could not be more pleased with my property. I enjoy ”Do It Yourself” projects but Laura still continues to suggest creative ideas to enhance my property and obtains plants for me to install myself. “
– Rick, Branchburg, NJ

“Many compliments from our customers on our new, clean landscaping. My place has not looked this good in 23 years! Thanks for everything!!!”
– Ann, NJ

“Final Touch Plantscaping helped me come up with an elegant, affordable and timely design for the front of my home as well as several other sprucing up and drainage jobs around the rest of my home. Laura and her crew were able to transform my garden so we would be able to fully enjoy its beauty throughout the seasons. We opened up areas by transplanting and she never hesitated to inform me of all the pros and cons so we could make the most informed decision. She is highly motivated to be continually educated and well informed about plantscaping design. She is a pleasure to work with and her warm, friendly, honest disposition is a breath of fresh air. I am very grateful for her vision and ability to work within my budget. She is extremely reliable and will always do whatever she can to make sure the project is finished within a reasonable timeframe and meets or exceeds expectation. She truly stands behind what she does and that is rarer than most people think. Thank you Laura for all you have done for my home and I look forward to working with you for many years to come.”
– Eileen, Branchburg, NJ

“You really took the time to understand our needs from start to finish. Thank you!”
– Bob, Bridgewater, NJ

“We worked with Laura DePrado on our native garden maintenance and development. Laura invested time to understand our concerns and desires, familiarized with the site and developed a comprehensive whole year garden maintenance plan. Laura shares and demonstrates her knowledge and experience. She passionately works with her customer to deliver a garden that meets the owner’s requirements.”
– Johan, Branchburg, NJ

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