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A Scientific and Sustainable Approach

Plantscaping is the direct result of understanding soil and environmental factors, combined with the art of listening to a clients’ needs and wishes for their exterior space. Owner, Laura DePrado, has extensive knowledge and experience creating spaces that are both beautiful and easy to maintain. Before installing a design, she carefully scouts the property for potential problems and helps the client determine a course of action. Healthy environments do not happen by accident. There are above-ground and below-ground climates and considerations. Everything starts with the soil.
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The History of Horticultural Therapy

Our connection to the garden is not new. Final Touch Plantscaping, B.S. HTR, collaborated with Rutgers Faculty to research and co author publication, "Enabling Gardens: The Practical Side of Horticultural Therapy." Throughout history, mankind has been associated with gardens. Many faiths hold the belief that human life began in a garden. The first designed gardens date back to 2000 BC in Mesopotamia, where lush gardens were planted in this arid region. In the 1100's AD, the therapeutic benefits of gardening were first described in a hospice garden located at a monastery in Clairvaux, France
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Planning for 4 Seasons of Color

What makes us respond to a garden?

Laura specializes in creating sensory stimulating spaces and places for maximum benefit to the participants. Gardens commonly look great in the spring but fade during the other seasons. Laura creates customized gardens with year-round interest to stimulate and engage the 5 senses. By blending the rights colors, textures, heights and shapes of plantings placed in the right location we can create spaces that are beautiful even when they are not in bloom. We also choose low maintenance plants, trees and shrubs that will thrive. + To learn more read...

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