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Former Jets player has ‘Anew’ beginning

Anew Wellness, Jerome Mitchell, CEO, Candice Deglon, Managing Director, and Vernon Gholston, Executive Vice President, connecting with plants in a Horticultural Therapy activity facilitated by Laura DePrado of Final Touch Plantscaping, LLC., in preparation for March 10th in-house workshop. (Photo: ~Courtesy of Laura DePrado)

Anew Wellness in Somerset aims to create a path to wellness for individuals and families experiencing mental and behavioral challenges for adults and adolescents.

Vernon Gholston is starting Anew. The former Ohio State football phenom was selected by the New York Jets with the sixth overall pick in the 2008 National Football League Draft.

Today, following four years in the NFL, the former defensive end/linebacker who grew up in Detroit, Michigan, excelled as a student athlete, ran countless yards and took and gave hit after hit, is pursuing a passion to destigmatize mental health, change the industry standards and better the lives of people dealing with mental health issues. (more…)

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