Sharpen your Body Language and Negotiation skills

Negotiating and Body Language…a must for anyone in business

Final Touch Plantscaping, LLC attended Negotiating Body Language Seminar at the Rutgers Business School, Newark New Jersey on February 21st

What Does Your Body Language Say About You?

Greg Williams Master Negotiator and Author (and often seen on Fox News Channel what political candidates are really saying) shared body language revelations that assist in controlling the body language signals you emit when negotiating and in your personal life. You really can master reading invisible messages in order to “read the other person’s mind”. To accurately assess the other person’s plan, first consider the image you wish to project and the role that your body language will play. Then determine how you will cast the role you will play during the negotiation. By attending this presentation, you will discover how to read body language and increase your negotiation skills. With your enhanced and new-found skills, you will be able to negotiate better in business and in your personal life. Body Language: Is there value in being able to read and interpret body language? Can one gain an advantage, as the result of being able to read body language in a negotiation.

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