Where A Flower Blooms, Hope Lives For Senior

Oldwick senior Lorraine Galbraith and Horticultural Therapist, Laura DePrado, have planted together since May 2013.
(Photo: ~Courtesy of Laura DePrado)

Five years ago this month, I was connected to an isolated senior, Lorraine Galbraith, in a wheelchair, frail, living at home in Hunterdon County, and living day to day with no family in New Jersey, or friends. 

Blinds were closed. Her plants (which once thrived through the hands of her care), were all dead due to overwatering by caregivers and lack of sun. She trusted no one. She did not go outside. She did not speak and she suffered with depression. 

In my first connection with her in May 2013, I brought her a box that contained a rose, a Shasta daisy, and basil. I placed the box in front of her.  


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