This week is National Horticultural Therapy Week

Courier-News-Headline-Mar2015This week is national Horticultural Therapy Week March 15 to 22, coinciding with the birth of spring, St. Patrick’s Day, Shamrock of green clover, and the week of promotion of horticultural therapy and the good work of horticultural therapists nationally and locally. You don’t have to be Irish to recognize that horticultural therapy and the people-plant connection makes eyes smile across the garden state as research-based evidence shows the physical, psychological, social and cognitive benefits of horticultural therapy. The New Jersey Senate became the first legislative body in the United States to pass a resolution designating the third week of March as Horticultural Therapy Week established by Congress in spring 2006.

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By Laura DePrado
Published in the Somerville Courier News 3/16/2015

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