Horticulture therapy conferences blooming this fall

Tree Landscape

Photo by: Carrier Clinic

September and October conferences are blooming innovative approaches to the growing field of horticultural therapy, which uses plant-based activities and gardening under the guidance of a registered horticultural therapist, for mental health, vocation, occupational, rehabilitative and substance abuse programs in various settings, including hospitals, clinics, correctional facilities and assisted and senior living centers, greenhouses, parks and arboreta.

Awareness of the viable field is growing, right alongside the fields of art, music and equine therapies.

First, the Mid-Atlantic Horticultural Therapy (MAHTN), will host its 2015 Annual Conference, “Creative Connections to Community: Innovative Approaches to Horticultural Therapy,” Sept. 18 at Snug Hug Cultural Center and Botanic Garden in Staten Island, New York.

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