Horticultural Therapy: ‘Scent ability’ with herb bouquets and bundles

Laura Deprado is a Horticultural Therapist, and her article “Horticultural Therapy: ‘Scent ability’ with herb bouquets and bundles” was recently featured in https://www.mycentraljersey.com/.

August is prime time to smell, pick, snip, collect and harvest herbs that can be made into bouquets and bundles which in turn provide enjoyment and treatment for participants in horticultural therapy programs.

These herb bundles are used for all populations in horticultural therapy programs. This includes behavioral health programs for teenagers and adults with psychiatric and addiction issue, as well as older adults in memory care, sub-acute care, and day programs add clients with dementia. 

The herbs I use in horticultural therapy activities are approved in advance by treatment team clinical directors or directors of recreation and activities.

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