Garden State Agriculture Harvests Viable Seeds

kube-pak-photo-1-2016The colors of fall are a cornucopia of plant textures, sizes, shapes and fragrances that tantalize the senses and create a market place of consumers eager to buy at retail garden centers and greenhouses.

Fall sales of ornamentals of mums, pansies and flowering cabbage, has increased in the last 10 years to the point where home decorating in the fall is rivaling sales for Christmas decorating. This in turn has helped the bottom line of growers throughout the state. Plants add benefit to the environment, economy and health and wellness.

The history, and evidence-based studies on the benefits of flowers and plants continue to gain notoriety. It makes sense as we would not survive without plants. We wear and grow plants. We use plants to make medicine and many other health supplements. We use in sickness, and in sorrow. The therapeutic practice of gardening has proven to have significant physical, social and cognitive benefits and has been specialized in the field of horticultural therapy.”

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