Gardening is good for you — and plant a little lavender, too

Lavender is a known healing plant dating back thousands of years.
(Photo: ~Courtesy of Laura DePrado)

Laura Deprado uses Gardening for Therapy to help people across New Jersey. Laura is a Horticultural Therapist, and her article “Gardening is good for you — and plant a little lavender, too” was recently featured in

Gardening is an essential part of life. People realized from the dawn of modern man thousands of years ago that plants and gardens and gardening and growing have countless benefits to medicinal application. 

Since the beginning of history, gardens have been the center of well-being from the Garden of Eden to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon to the Laboratory at the Temple of Edfu, where more than 100 plant recipes and their applications were used by ancient Egyptians for a variety of health conditions still inscribed on the temple walls — the world’s first “pharmacy”. 

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